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Welcome to GRAVITAS Offshore

GRAVITAS Offshore specialises in the supply and installation of Concrete Gravity Foundations for the UK wind farm market. The product we offer responds to a need for a self-installing turbine foundation that can be mass produced in construction facilities located in ports for rapid deployment to UK wind farms.

Our foundations cater for many wind farm applications including met masts, wind turbine and offshore electrical substations.

GRAVITAS offers a cost effective, self-buoyant foundation which avoids the need for specialist and expensive marine equipment. Our solution has a lower seabed impact compared with other solutions as there is little or no preparation required to the seabed.

GRAVITAS foundations can be successfully deployed at all upcoming wind farms around the UK coast. For example, more than 80% of the Round 3 sites are in water depths over 25m, where concrete foundations may prove the best solution. Our GRAVITAS foundation combines this with self installation to avoid the need for specialist and expensive marine equipment.

Simple solution

No heavy lifting

No special vessels

seabed preparation

Recent press

24.08.12 GRAVITAS Offshore Ltd has secured funding from DECC....     Download